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Balfin Group, one of the largest investors in the country and in region, has launched the Happy Loyalty Program marking an absolute innovation as the only multi-brand schema with multiple benefits for its loyal members.

Happy Card is created to reward you for your loyalty towards its brands. The program is based on member’s purchases and it combines the best brands in Albania into a single scheme.

Earn as much as you wish!

By participating in the program, you receive relevant offers and discounts created according to your buying habits and needs.

There are two types of levels in Happy card, that reward you with Happy vouchers. You can choose if you want to be part of the first level or continue collecting points in order to reach the second level of vouchers.

Once you collect 5000 Happy points, you get 5 Happy coupons.

Ways to become a Happy member.

One of the characteristics of the Happy program is simplicity.

Everyone can register by:

  • Going to the nearest shop

  • Entering on happy.al website

  • Calling Customer Care

You just need to fill in your phone number and you will receive credentials to access your account. Once the card activation is successfully completed you will receive an SMS with personal login credentials for your account.

Invite your friends to join the loyalty program.

Multiple benefits, lots of rewards. One loyalty program.

Happy card is an innovative loyalty program created to reward you for your brand loyalty.
The program is based on member’s purchases and combines many Albanian top brands under the same schema.

4 Companies are participating in the program since day one, but many more will join in the near future.

As a loyal customer, you become part of discounts and special offers that help you earn more points.


Why do you need to become a member?