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Earn as much as you wish!

By joining the largest HAPPY Loyalty Program, you are rewarded with the benefits and benefits created to your liking. By accumulating points you become part of two levels of reward. You choose if you want to get 5000 points of the first level, but you can continue to accumulate points up to the second level 10,000 points.

Our Partners

Balfin Group is one of the largest investment groups in Albania and the region. Happy Loyalty Program which marks an absolute innovation, as the Biggest Loyalty Program in Albania, which offers you multiple benefits to its loyal members.

The largest Happy Loyalty program was created to reward you for your loyalty to partner brands. The program is based on members' purchases and combines the best brands in Albania in a single scheme.

Buy when you want, pay as much as you want with #TiranaBank!

Buy when you want, pay as much as you want! Use VISA credit cards from Tirana Bank and by choosing the "Payment with fixed monthly installments" service you can divide each payment into equal monthly installments. .

The minimum value of the transaction is 6,000 ALL / 50 euros. ✔️Number of installments depending on the selection, from 2 to 12 months.

Benefit you too. Activate directly in every POS of Tirana Bank!

#TiranaBank, here for you!