Rewards, Multiple Benefits in the Biggest Loyalty Program .

Rewards, Multiple Benefits in the Biggest Loyalty Program .

The biggest Loyalty Program is created to offer many benefits from their brands.

The program is based on member purchases, where you accumulate points, for each purchase you make. Also, from this accumulation of points you become part of two levels of reward.

From the beginning 4 companies became part of this program: Neptun, Spar, Jumbo, Fashion Group Albania (Mango, Parfois, Geox, Women' Secret, Okaidi, Prenatal, Cortefiel, Carpisa, Springfield), but  in the future even more will join us.

As a loyal customer, you become part of discounts and special offers that help you earn more point.


Why we should be member of Loyalty Program ?

  • The Happy Card is FREE and can be found in all company stores
  • You can accumulate points in 4 companies
  • You can expenditure of points in 4 companies
  • Personalized campaigns according to customer needs
  • High reward of our loyal customers
  • You get a set of coupons, not just one coupon
  • BONUS points since registering and continuing the program
  • Industry leading company