Super benefits from the purchases you make!

Super benefits from the purchases you make!

It is very easy to accumulate points. In every purchase you make in every store of the four companies participant, you earn points.

·         What should you do ?

You must use your Happy card for every purchase you make. Happy Loyalty Program takes care to offer you many benefits.

·         Bonus points

The Happy Loyalty scheme will not only reward you for your daily purchases, but also in special cases. BONUS points since registering and continuing the program.

Yes! Starting from the moment of activating your card, you get 50 Bonus Points for card members plastic. Also, 80 Bonus Points, for digital card members. You are valuable to us, so for every birthday we give you 50 Bonus Points.

Expiry of points. The expiration of points is done in a 1-year rotation for each purchase made. Example: the amount of points for purchases made today 24.11.2021 will expire as today after one year in 24.11.2022. For this reason, one month in advance we inform you about the amount of points that expire in the following month.